Prefabrication materials

While maintaining high-quality standards, prefabrication promises higher efficiency in the producing process.

Due to improved technologies, a greater interest in sustainable building practices and growing market demand for fast and cost-effective construction, prefabricated housing is finally coming of age.



Energy-efficient and smart solutions

Environmental consciousness and sustainability have become more and more important.

The market for energy efficient building material and systems is significantly growing. This can be attributed to the increasing adoption of green building standards, along with the rising demand for energy efficient buildings, across the globe.

At the same time, people value a simple operation with all systems in their houses.



Building chemistry

Construction chemical products – often invisible, but highly significant for the whole building industry.

The field of construction chemistry is wide-ranging and constantly developing under current aspects, such as efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

An important aspect that goes beyond the purely functional aspect of building chemistry is the interaction of construction chemistry with people, their health and the environment. 



Construction tools

In order to increase work efficiency and to install high quality products the right way, it is essential to use the right construction tools. Especially high quality, safety and duration of use play a major role, when selecting proper tools for your construction project. 


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