Time: November 9, 2017

Venue: N5-1 Conference Room, N5 Hall, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Sponsored by: World Architecture Magazine, MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

Organized by: MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.  

Speakers: Famous architects, Scholars and Door Manufacturers

Audience: 200 persons  



With social and economic development and improvement in people's knowledge, the public nowadays not only pay attention to the practicability of buildings, but also start to have interest in their aesthetic perception, cultural heritage and symbolic implications. Building entrance is one of the essentials for buildings. It is not simply a key component of the landscape environment, but more importantly, a prelude for people to appreciate the entire design works. Modern building entrance requires the synthetic application of design and technology. As an essential element of buildings, how does the entrance design fit into people's demands? How to control the transformation of indoor and outdoor space to create a vigorous space and coordinate with the presentation of the whole spatial form? How to manifest the aesthetic significance of buildings by means of entrance? The Forum will make an in-depth analysis and discussion on the expression forms, space design essentials, cultural evolution and technical treatment essentials of building entrance, based on the typical cases regarding the spatial features of modern building entrance. 


Main Topics and Focus

  • Expression Form and Design Essentials for Space Design of Building Entrance;
  • Cultural Evolution of Building Entrance Space
  • Application of Advanced Technical Methods in Modern Building Entrance Design
  • Analysis on Spatial Functions of Traditional and Modern Building Entrance
  • Analysis on Typical Cases in Cooperation between Door Manufacturers and Architects
Time Speaker  
08:30-09:00    The guests arrival and sign-in  
09:00-09:15  Opening remarks, Introduction of Guests and Speeches  
09:15-09:40   Qing Feng Associate Professor from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
09:40-10:05  Qian Qiang Professor from School of Architecture, Southeast University; Chief Architect of United Design Group
10:05-10:30  Door Manufacturer Representatives Share the typical cases in the way to cooperate
10:30-10:55   Song Zhaoqing Founder and Chief Architect of Lacime Architectural Design    


Zhuang Shen

Partner of Atelier Archmixing
11:20-11:45 Door Manufacturer Representatives

Share the typical cases concerning the way to cooperate 




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