The Chinese government is pushing to develop the prefabricated buildings. For construction enterprises, real estate developers and related businesses in China, it creates a lot of market opportunities, but at the same it also brings a lot of challenges.

BIM is playing a more and more important role in the planning, design, production, logistics, construction and maintenance of prefabricated buildings. But how to make the best of BIM in every stage is a problem faced with the industry in China.

Besides, the prefabricated construction technologies have greatly reduced the time of construction. How to set up a high efficient prefabricated component factory to meet the needs of the high efficiency of construction?


Topics of the Day:

Setup, Maintenances and Operation of Precast Concrete Factory

Application of BIM in Prefabricated Buildings


Target group: Project Developers, Planners(Architects/Engineers), Investors, Government, Construction Industry, Building-material Industry

Date: Nov. 9th, 2017

Venue: Meeting room N2-2, SNIEC

Organizers: Fenestration BAU China, (one of the most influential media platform in China prefabricated building industry)