Forum information

Date: Oct 31st, 2018, 10:00-15:00

Venue: New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)

Organizer: World Architecture, MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.   

Audience: Architects

Attendances: 200


Brief introduction:

 ‘Door’ and ‘window’ are the essential elements in architecture. They enable people to enter another space within buildings. The door can magnify the spatial knowledge and create a unique areal experience. ‘Doors’ and ‘windows’ are not only a traditional topic in modern architecture, but due to the evolution of technology and materials, ‘doors’ and ‘windows’ have also developed an unlimited potential in architectural design.

This forum will provide a profound analysis and discussion on the cultural development, form, spatial expression and technical treatment by presenting ‘doors’ and ‘windows’ in modern architecture.

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