Statements from our exhibitors about the biggest highlights and events at the BAU Congress China are available here.


“BAU Congress China is setting standards for China. The exhibition and the congress are first rate and the additional events do justice to this quality level. What was noticeable this year, it was the quality and the quantity of the visitors to our booth. We will be taking part in BAU Congress China again in 2017,” said Xinchang LIU, Deputy Managing Director, Hörmann China.


“BCC is the leading platform for building innovation and quality in China. We are very satisfied with the 2016 edition. The absolute highlight, apart from the top quality of the visitors, was the visit by State Secretary Gunther Adler and the chance to inform him about the Fraunhofer projects in China. We have already decided we will definitely be taking part again in 2017.” Jan Peter Hinrichs, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance.


Gunther Adler, State Secretary from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety in Berlin: “BAU Congress China brings advantages to all its participants, because it is a place for discussions on themes that need to be addressed now and themes that are of importance for the future. Cooperations are agreed here, experience is exchanged and it is a meeting place for those who have responsibility in the field of construction.”


Yong WANG, R&D Manager/Chief Designer at SAYYAS Windows Stock Co., Ltd. China: “BAU Congress China is international and very professionally organized. We are here for the first time this year and are very pleasantly surprised at the quality and high number of the visitors. In our eyes BCC is on the road to becoming the leading platform for the building industry in China.”


Javier Enjuto Monje, Architect & Business Development Manager, Omegazeta (Nanjing) New Building Materials Co., Ltd., China: “BAU Congress China is all about innovation! On show here are the latest products and you can also find out about the latest ideas. We are very pleased with this year´s event, because we had many potential new customers at our booth who showed strong interest in our products. So, there´s nothing standing in the way of our taking part again next year.”


Prof. Alexander Rudolphi, German Sustainable Building Council – DGNB e.V, Germany: “At the DGNB and also at BAU Congress China, we have seen that in China sustainable building has become more than a buzzword. The visitors showed great interest in the DGNB certification system and our ideas on sustainable building. We are happy to be a part of the continuing success story of BAU Congress China; we have participated in this event right from the very beginning. The event proves that German know-how is highly sought after in the Chinese building sector.”


Sven Krause, General Manager, Kömmerling (Tianjin) Kunststoff Co., Ltd., China: "BAU CONGRESS CHINA is more professional than other exhibitions. We are very satisfied with the show. We have the chance to show our new products and our new passive technologies. This is a great platform for our company. There are lots of professional clients. We will continue to participate in BAU CONGRESS CHINA next year."


Boris Schade-Bünsow, Editor-in-Chief of Bauwelt, Berlin: “BAU Congress China serves as a valuable forum for discussion and exchange of information between international and Chinese architects. International solutions for the Chinese market are presented here, and also Chinese solutions for European problems. The congress shows that both sides are at eye level with each other and can learn from each other.”


Elsa Thomsen of future matters AG, Zürich: “BCC is a very lively congress. I was able to listen to many interesting views on the architecture of the future here. New technologies, future trends, the city of the future – it was all there. I also think BCC is an important platform for maintaining dialog between Chinese and international architects and as a place for exchanging experience. That applies in particular to the audience at the congress, because they are the future of China.”


Ludwig Rongen, founder and Director of Rongen Architects, Germany: “An event like BAU Congress China is, in my view, very important because it shows how European solutions can be integrated into the Chinese market. On the other hand, also presented are Chinese solutions that could help with European problems. The number and the quality of the visitors in the individual sessions shows that the time is ripe for further advancing the building industry in China.”


Nan Wang, General Manager, schneider+schumacher Architects, Frankfurt: “schneider+schumacher Architekten has often taken part in BAU in Munich. This year we came along to this event in China for the first time. We decided to come because we, too, take a positive view of the development of the building industry in China. We want to have an influence on the future architects, planners and developers who attended BCC. This event is unique in China and we are very happy to have made our contribution to this excellent congress concept.”


Martin Henn, Partner, HENN GmbH, München:“I think BAU CONGRESS CHINA provides a great opportunity and a platform for architects, engineers, developers in the industry to exchange ideas and visions, to discuss the future of our cities. Many people are seeking innovative ideas on all different building skills. We can see many institutions talk about mobility, materials and energy saving. So, I think BAU CONGRESS CHINA is very interesting.“


Ilka May, associate director/digital, Arup Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt:“BAU CONGRESS CHINA is not only important for our study. It is important for the entire global construction sector. The digitalization is now coming to the construction sector globally. It’s a big trend. I came to BCC to study and work together with other architects. I`m really honored to be invited to give a speech at the congress because there are very close relationship between the German and Chinese government and 90% of our projects are in China, Europe, especially in Germany. You see, BAU CONGRESS CHINA is very important for us.