In order to provide exhibitors with better exhibition experience in FENESTRATION BAU China, the Organizing Committee will cooperate with exhibitors and provide more meticulous services before, during and after the exhibition. The following are the opportunities for exhibitors to participate:


1. Customer invitation (optional)

  • Custom tickets: produce expo invitation tickets with exhibitors’ own custom advertising for distribution among and invitation to customers at the early stage;
  • Website exchange link: produce exclusive invitation links and pictures for exhibitors to publicize themselves on both parties’ websites;
  • VIP customer invitation: The Organizing Committee may assist exhibitors to invite customers by telephone, text messages, e-mail, etc. based on the list of VIP customers provided by them. 

* Customer data registered through the above channels will be returned to exhibitors for establishing contact with customers and expanding publicity efforts before exhibition.


2. Site advertising (a paid option)

Exhibitors may select on-site paid advertising sponsorship, e.g., exhibition site billboards, suspension banners, information bags for visitors and other forms of advertising, so that visitors have more opportunities to see exhibitors and publicity of exhibits.